Saturday, March 14, 2009

Whats the point?

I had a nice day yesterday on my Geography excursion and I have a small group of really nice Yr 12 students. I did take a little pocket camera with me so took a few photos but as I was telling my friend Jen most of the day I felt quite sad as one of the reasons I had grown to love my Geog Excursions in the past is that while the students were busy writing notes and sketching I would take photos of all the amazing scenery around the city to show Donn so this yr I struggled with the day and was really quite glad to have the day over. Even last night I had fully intended taking some night photos but decided what was the point as who would I show them too it's so hard I love photography and taking photos but so much of that was that i shared them with Donn he was my audience we spent hrs sharing photos with each other and challenging each other to improve and get different types of shots whether they be macro of flowers or different angles of the pets etc.
So every time I pick my camera up my heart aches even more as it's like I am asking myself why are you bothering taking these no one cares and I cant show them to Donn so whats the point?


loonyhiker said...

Because there are many of us out here that care about you too! I would love to see your pictures. I really enjoy your blog with many of your pictures and scrapbook pages. I don't think Donn would want you to give up on life just because he isn't with you right now. I don't think you need to focus so much on what life is like without him as much as what about your life you would love to share with him if you could. He would probably kick your behind right now if he could for thinking that nothing matters and no one cares! (sorry to be harsh but that is the way I see it). I have never met you in person but that doesn't mean I don't care about you and I know there are many people in your real and virtual life that do besides me! (hugs to ya!)

Joan said...

Carolyn, you can share with me always. I love to see your photos - I am so sorry about having to cancel Friday night. I Care.

Beachcomber said...

I care. I love to read your blog and see your photos. I agree with Pat I don't think Donn would want you to give up on life and your photography especially since you love and enjoy taking photos.

Elisabeth said...

What about a photo enthusiast group? I know that you know that we all love to see your photos but it's not quite the same kind of interaction that you mean. But it might be fun to find a local group and see what kinds of challenges they are working on, and those would be peeps to discuss the issues with as you are shooting. I am going to do that when I move to Texas myself. Well, first I need to take a class to use the thing, then I might call myself an enthusiast, lol.

Regardless, you will find that there is a point. Maybe not every day, but some, and they will grow closer together. It's still your hobby, and you still love it. That won't ever go away.