Friday, January 30, 2009


I am sitting here at loss for words because as sad and tired as I am feeling I am so moved and gladdened by what sitting here next to me. The most amazing basket of beautiful pot plants that were delivered due to the wonderful kindness and support from Fran and the Granny thread. I am so amazed by this beautiful enduring gift. I am going to take great care of them and my daughter Jacy and her boyfriend Damien and I are going to get some new bigger pots for them and repot them and make them bloom they will be a constant bright spot in my home.
I have to say my friends and family here in Perth are simply so amazed by the out pouring of love and support being shown by all my wonderful online friends they are simply blown away by it.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

DSP - Thinking of Carolyn

How was I so lucky to find the most amazing supportive scrapping book site online. The love and support I have been shown by the many many ladies from all across the world has literally taken my breathe away. There are simply no words that could every express jsut how much there kindness has meant too me at this time.

I had to snap a photo of the very beautiful bunch of yellow roses that essee delivered to me yesterday on behalf of many of the wonderful ladies who hang out in the granny thread.

Also the wonderful selection of my layouts of Donn and i feautred on Tina's Blog again simply moved me to tears to all the beautiful cards being made and posted in the gallery on DSP. "Cards for Caro"

Thank you.

About GooSe

I just wanted to added a link here to the wonderful supportive threads on the forum Donn aka GooSe called home on the web .
Frugals World of Simulations Donn loved this forum and spent many many hours since 2000 chatting on line and doing on line gaming with them. I joined the mostly male forum myself in 2001 and was rapibly embraced into the circle of friendship by all the guys and Donn and I spent many hrs playing online games with the guys all chatting over team speak and laughing at each others accents. Donn then also set up an internet radio station and many nights entertained us with his humour and music on the TeXas radio station. There love and support at this time has been so wonderful there words of wisdom and comfort really giving my heart a gentle hug... Thanks guys....
  1. About GooSe
  2. To my mate GooSe

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

how is it possible

how is it possible for me to still be breathing when my heart is so broken short panting breaths between each tear and eyelids lower and i see the face i love so very much and a 1000 images flash across my mind the pain in his voice as they tried to put the catheda in the look on his face when he whispered to me I am so scared "C" and the eyes i love looking up at me and he even with an oygen mask on was determine to say I love you to me . I love you my sweetie D with all my heart and i always will

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Drill from Hell

well I am traumatised by a visit to a Texas Dentist first off all Donn and I had to wait an hr in the waiting room before i get dragged off for an xray of course my gag reflex makes having an xray very unpleasant then the dentist tells me I need a post in my root canal (like in what the hell is a post) but anyway he then proceeds to numb up my mouth and then drills in my tooth for like 30 mins almost non stop and he is using the loudest most horrendous vibrating drill I've ever experienced so I am sitting there in this strange dentist office in a whole other country wondering what on hell is this guy doing. He is totally uncommunicative not saying what he is doing finally he stop drilling and proceeds to put in "post" after that another gagging episode with having an xray to see if the post is in right then he fills its and files it to get it as smooth as he can so its not rough to my tongue. By now I've been in the dentist chair for 90mins and i am reaching breaking point. Finally he says he has finsihed but that the tooth is stil very weak and as soon as I get back to Aust i should get a crown put on it at this point i am almost running out the door. So all of this cost poor sweet Donn $335 and him sitting in the waiting room for 3 hrs.
Donn then insisted on coming home via Starbucks: which I am still slowly trying to drink ot of the left side of my mouth with the little bit of feeling i have there while the other side is so numb I doubt i'll ever get feeling back in it.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Running Around

Donn and I went for a great drive yesterday afternoon we waited till it warmed up left here around 2pm heheh I was still in my pjs till 1 I love days like that. So we headed off to wards the Ranger's Ball Park drove around and stopped took a few pics I went to the gift store at the ball park got an awesome Josh Hamilton t-shirt for myself and a real cute little t-shirt for Noah. We then drove around took some photos of the Dallas Cowboys new stadium that is still being built. From there we drove into the city took a few photos then drove home via sammies got some best sliced beef/pork sandwiches and some Sammy Texas sized french fries that Donn hates me eating in the van on the way home hehehehe so we got 2 serves so one for the trip home ion the car and the others to eat with our sandwiches when we get home.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Rant and Rave

I just feel so ...............everything. After spending almost the entire last 28 hrs at the hospital and finally getting home just now from the over hr drive it takes to get home Donn just called to say the Doctor is sending him home so now i have to get back in the car drive another hour to get him. With really nothing improved in fact I think I can easily say this experience would come to being the worst of my life. Driving alone at 1am in the morning getting totally lost in a city you dont know then have the petrol/gas light start flashing to let you know your almost out is the MOST terrifying experience then sitting with Donn in the ER while he refuses to have the treatment the Doctor recommends is enough for me to say I am DONE. But how can you say your done when the person you want to walk away from is and has been the best friend you have ever had and bought more love and joy into your life than you thought was possible.

But i do owe God a massive thankyou as last night driving the streets at 1am scared lost and running low on petrol guess what I came across yes a good ole 7/11 I have never been so pleased in my entire life to see one. The girl working the counter thought i was a nut I gave her my whole life history while paying for the gas and buying a hot coffee as it was absolutely freezing.

Any way I am off back to collect Donn and to try and be an angel on earth about it by not bitching about anything.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Take 2 on the Moon

ok so I googled how to take Moon photos and read up on what settings to use and ended up on
this site How to take Moon Pics and this is one of the pics I ended up with a real big improvement from the previous photos.

perigee moon

So there was a beautiful big moon here in Texas last night so I spent about an hour outside trying a range of different settings on my camera and this is what I managed to come up with.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dallas Zoo

We got some amazing photos and it was a really warm day for this time of the yr got to 79F but they did have any motorised carts so I had to push Donn in a 1000 yr old wheel chair with a wonky wheel it was like a 2hr aerobic workout I had sweat dripping off me. However , it was worth it as we really did get some fabulous photos and it sure better than sitting around at the house doing nothing.
This is a layout I did last night for a new challenge they ahving on DSP - take 9 photos on the 9th of each month and make a layout with them.
So this is my Jan 9th layout.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Twilight Movie

well I finally draggged Donn to the movies with me to see Twilight well I have to say I was very disappointed I think Edward is ugly and they did not put any where near enough time into building the intensity of Bella and Edwards relationship. I thought Jacob and James were very attractive and i liked them in in their parts. I thought Bella character was excellent. Rosalie was way too ugly. Alice was good though. Donn thought the first hour was very dull and difficult to follow as he hasn't read the books but then in the 2nd hr he got into the story line more in fact I think he probably ended up enjoying it more thna I did as he had no prior expectations.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Fantastic Day

We just had the best day.... started out with going to Fort Worth Zoo and the weather was perfect.
Donn cheated tho as due to his legs he decided to get one of the motorised carts to get around on was so funny he was a speed demon had me running all over the Zoo but it had a basket on it so was perfect for all our camera equipment and my bag and our drinks.
We used the tripod to snap a few kissy pics of us sun was way too bright but *wink* Donn really enjoyed them.
The animals were all enjoying the sun too and we got some wonderful shots of them really pleased with how they turned out.
Then on the way home around 2.30 we had a late lunch early dinner at Red Lobster I had a 1.5 pounds of snow crab legs with hot melted butter and the best herb biscuits and baked potato ever

Monday, January 05, 2009

Lazy Flaire Sunday

heheh love the title as I started the day fixing up my flair for DSP and then Donn and I sat and watched movies all day we watched
  1. Die Hard (not sure which one)
  2. U.S Marshalls
  3. Star wars II
  4. Star wars III
Plus it has been so cold all day had lovely chicken and dumpling soup for lunch.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

New Makeup

So I had a $20 voucher to spend at Kohls and Donn's wallet with the instruction from Donn to go buy myself something for a change I walked around the store for an hour not being able to decide what to buy when I ended up in the makeup section............well another hr later I now have
  • Flirt! Look of Love Shimmer eye Pencil x 2 I got the black sequin and gold sequin
  • Flirt! Dreamy eyes golden lady eye shadow
  • Flirt! Pretty Easy Foundation
  • Flirt! High Wattage Intense & Creamy Lip colour Covet

So I came straight home and put it all on and Donn snapped a pic for me...