Monday, January 19, 2009

Running Around

Donn and I went for a great drive yesterday afternoon we waited till it warmed up left here around 2pm heheh I was still in my pjs till 1 I love days like that. So we headed off to wards the Ranger's Ball Park drove around and stopped took a few pics I went to the gift store at the ball park got an awesome Josh Hamilton t-shirt for myself and a real cute little t-shirt for Noah. We then drove around took some photos of the Dallas Cowboys new stadium that is still being built. From there we drove into the city took a few photos then drove home via sammies got some best sliced beef/pork sandwiches and some Sammy Texas sized french fries that Donn hates me eating in the van on the way home hehehehe so we got 2 serves so one for the trip home ion the car and the others to eat with our sandwiches when we get home.


Shawn aka. Dixie Mama said...

I'm so glad to hear that Donn is well enough to be out and about!! Great photos!

Now I'm hungry for fries!! LOL

Joan said...

love the photos