Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Drill from Hell

well I am traumatised by a visit to a Texas Dentist first off all Donn and I had to wait an hr in the waiting room before i get dragged off for an xray of course my gag reflex makes having an xray very unpleasant then the dentist tells me I need a post in my root canal (like in what the hell is a post) but anyway he then proceeds to numb up my mouth and then drills in my tooth for like 30 mins almost non stop and he is using the loudest most horrendous vibrating drill I've ever experienced so I am sitting there in this strange dentist office in a whole other country wondering what on hell is this guy doing. He is totally uncommunicative not saying what he is doing finally he stop drilling and proceeds to put in "post" after that another gagging episode with having an xray to see if the post is in right then he fills its and files it to get it as smooth as he can so its not rough to my tongue. By now I've been in the dentist chair for 90mins and i am reaching breaking point. Finally he says he has finsihed but that the tooth is stil very weak and as soon as I get back to Aust i should get a crown put on it at this point i am almost running out the door. So all of this cost poor sweet Donn $335 and him sitting in the waiting room for 3 hrs.
Donn then insisted on coming home via Starbucks: which I am still slowly trying to drink ot of the left side of my mouth with the little bit of feeling i have there while the other side is so numb I doubt i'll ever get feeling back in it.


Shawn aka. Dixie Mama said...

Awww!! Sorry you had such a jerk for a dentist! Hopefully your tooth won't give you any more problems before you can get it taken care of back home. What a great guy Donn is to take you to Starbucks afterwards! My Hubby wouldn't think of something like that to make me feel better. He'd just ask "What's for supper?". LOL


Joan said...

I felt for you on reading about the dentist - I am the biggest chicken about dental matters. My dentist of 30 years died last year and i am trying to find a scared person's dentist.