Thursday, January 15, 2009

Rant and Rave

I just feel so ...............everything. After spending almost the entire last 28 hrs at the hospital and finally getting home just now from the over hr drive it takes to get home Donn just called to say the Doctor is sending him home so now i have to get back in the car drive another hour to get him. With really nothing improved in fact I think I can easily say this experience would come to being the worst of my life. Driving alone at 1am in the morning getting totally lost in a city you dont know then have the petrol/gas light start flashing to let you know your almost out is the MOST terrifying experience then sitting with Donn in the ER while he refuses to have the treatment the Doctor recommends is enough for me to say I am DONE. But how can you say your done when the person you want to walk away from is and has been the best friend you have ever had and bought more love and joy into your life than you thought was possible.

But i do owe God a massive thankyou as last night driving the streets at 1am scared lost and running low on petrol guess what I came across yes a good ole 7/11 I have never been so pleased in my entire life to see one. The girl working the counter thought i was a nut I gave her my whole life history while paying for the gas and buying a hot coffee as it was absolutely freezing.

Any way I am off back to collect Donn and to try and be an angel on earth about it by not bitching about anything.

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