Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The most peculiar Gift

I think the wierdest gift I've ever recieved was from my Ex inlaws well really father-in-law and his wife not my ex hubby's mother hehehe you still with me after working out the relationships hehehe anyways they gave me for christmas a pair of pliers 3 pairs of underwear and a silk scarf it was like they had gone through there drawers at the last min and grabbed these random items wrapped them and gave them to me. The underwear were not even my size or style i would be seen dead in it and I dont think I had ever worn a scarf in my entire life at that point as for the pliers well they werent too bad as you can never have enough tools hehehe. I think I over reacted and gushed about how lovely the gifts were I am not ever good at hiding my true feelings but even my ex husband was pretty discusted at the gift.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

My Favourite thing to wear

I love wearing my jeans and seems every now and again I buy a pair that I love even more than usual and that happened on my most recent trip to Texas. I got myself a real genuine pair of boot leg Levis and I just adore them and from the second I tried them on in Kohls I just loved them they made me feel GOOD GOOD GOOD. Now when it was time for me to come home from Texas I had too much stuff to go in my suitcase so I decided to mail by sea some stuff home and I figured seeing it was summer I wouldnt need my jeans............ well finally 8 weeks later the box arrived last week I immediately took my jeans out and put them on in an instant it felt like I was back at Kohls trying them on for the first time I felt so good in them.
Its like in them I feel like myself all day at work we are not allowed to wear denim of any kind so I am in a more professional style of clothing button up shirts dress pants etc but then I put my jeans on and its bliss.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Home Improvement

Home Improvement Shows: --Home What's the one thing your dream home must have? --
hehehehe a dish washer, a room for my scrapbooking and computer stuff oh and air conditioning and my own bathroom hmmmmmmmm a spa would be nice too.

Improvement What's the one thing you would change about your current home?
my dining room suite would really love one with much more comfortable seats.

Shows Do you ever watch home improvement shows? Yes I really like to see how they make dramatic changes specially for ppl who are havign a real hard time of it.

My Motto

What would your motto would be for the place you're at in your life right now? Is it different than it would have been five years ago? 10? 20?

wow good thought provoking prompt with so many emotional things going on in my life right now I really feel like I am on the brink of many changes.

So maybe my motto needs to be "embrace change" so as too try and keep it in perspective that just because things are changing it doesnt have to mean that its a negative.

Like for example my oldest daughter Carli is looking for a place to move out and it completes excites me but at the same time terrifies me. Thoughts of what if I never get to see her anymore go through my mind which is silly I know as I willget to see her.

I am also wanting to change jobs but after almost 9 yrs of the smae place that is really scary.

Also with Donn's health problems I feel like nothing will ever be the same again and I really dont know how to begin to deal with that.

Anyways need to remind myself "embrace change".

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Which is worse?

Which is worse, being sick or having sick kids/loved ones? As a woman I think it's worse being sick because generally no one really looks after you whereas if your partner or kids are sick you spoil them rotten.

Which is worse, throwing up or having sick kids/loved ones throwing up upon you? Definietly being sick and throwing up yourself.

Which is worse, being up all night because you're sick, or being up all night because someone else is sick? Being up all night because your sick is much worse as not only are you tired but you feel like crap too.

Friday, March 09, 2007

"I wish someone had told me..."

How short a time your children are little for I sure wish I had slowed down spent more time with them and taken a million more photographs of them when they were younger.
How you shouldnt be so busy that you dont stop and see all the simple pleasures in the small details along the way.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Dream Job

Prompt"If you had the opportunity for a day, to have a different job (and was totally qualified, trained and capable for that one day), what job would you like to do and why?"
I would love to work in a scrabooking shop called Recollections in Fort Worth Texas and teach classes on both Digital and Paper Scrapping.

Monday, March 05, 2007

3 day weekends

Three day weekends are simply bliss. I finally feel like I have gotten some jobs done that have been bugging me for weeks now. Saturday I sorted out all my paper scrapping supplies. I've cleaned most of the house got heaps of washing done been to the gym and best part of all spent some real good quality time with Donn. I just feel relaxed and good about things.

I even cooked dinner Saturday night more than jsut the normal meat and salad and it turned out real nice. I also got myself some Weight Watchers Bacon and had bacon and eggs yesterday and it was so delicious. Later today I am going to work on a paper scrapping page just finished a real nice one of Jacy using Lauren Bavins Esssence of Dusk Kit.