Monday, March 05, 2007

3 day weekends

Three day weekends are simply bliss. I finally feel like I have gotten some jobs done that have been bugging me for weeks now. Saturday I sorted out all my paper scrapping supplies. I've cleaned most of the house got heaps of washing done been to the gym and best part of all spent some real good quality time with Donn. I just feel relaxed and good about things.

I even cooked dinner Saturday night more than jsut the normal meat and salad and it turned out real nice. I also got myself some Weight Watchers Bacon and had bacon and eggs yesterday and it was so delicious. Later today I am going to work on a paper scrapping page just finished a real nice one of Jacy using Lauren Bavins Esssence of Dusk Kit.


loonyhiker said...

How were you lucky enough to get a 3 day weekend? Not fair, why didn't you share? Love your layout!

Karen said...

Don't you just feel so good and virtuous when you have such a productive day?
That's a gorgeous layout by the way.

Stephanie said...

Lucky you! I wish I could have had a three day weekend today. Don't you love it when you get everything done that you have on the "to-do" list.