Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Meeting Online Friends

Well Donn and I set off to San Antonio midday Friday 26th in a very nice little red Ford Focus man what a smooth ride. We got hung up in bad traffic due to a major wreck on the Hway going in the opposite direction, everyone on our side was slowing down to look. I did take some awesome sunset photos through the window of the car as we were driving. We arrived at the Alamo Inn just before 6 and we were both delighted with the friendliness of the owner of the motel and the cleaniliness of the room. After we setttled in we headed off down town San Antonio to try out a Mexican restaurant recommended by Karen unfortunately it was so busy all I got to see was the beautiful Nativity set they had at the entrance. By this time we were tired and ready to eat we ended up at the most revolting "Church's chicken place.

Saturday I was so excited as finally I was getting to meet Karen and Scamp, Donn wasnt feeling well and he decided to stay and rest so it was just the three of us ladies off to spend the day together.

We started with the Gunether House and King William Historic Disctrict which was amazing we then went to the Zoo where we were all kindred spirits with our love of photography and trying to get the perfect photo. It really was totally wonderful getting to meet them both something I will treasure for a long time to come.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Alamo Inn

woohoo I am so excited Donn and I have booked our car and motel for San Antonio we leaving on the 26th and returning on the 29th. We are staying at the Alamo Inn (click on title to go to Inn website.)

I am sitting here drinking an eggnog Starbucks coffee yummmmmmmmmm and its freezing out side today like 1 degree celcius brr. Donn an di went to Walmart earlier and was so cold it was hard to breathe. So we called in at Star bucks on the way home and as usual I couldnt decide what to get so I ordered 3 tall coffees instead of 1 venti.
I got a gingerbread latte, a white chocolate mocha and a eggnog.

I also went up the mall earlier and got Mum and Carli a Christmas sweater I hope they like them they very nice and Donn and i liked them both.

I also discovered the public library is like 2 mins away so going to go get some books to read.

Oh and I bought a cheap christmas tree from Kohls yesterday hehehe was a little tardy on foliage when we got it out of the box. I took this photo with Donn's camera.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Vitamin Water

well I've been in Texas jsut over 48 hrs and never felt better almost no jet lag and I put it all down to vitamin water as we almost been on the go non stop since I got here and i really haven't felt tired at all.
It is really wonderful to be with Donn but I am concerned about his health he has lost a great deal of weight since i have seen him last but his legs and stomach are still very swollen with fluid retention. The wound on his leg is still causing him a great deal of pain as well. How ever despite that he is in good spirits and so very happy to have me here. As usual he hadnt managed to organise himself to get everything done like i had asked him to do so i spent the last two day sorting the house and laundry to the way I like it.
We did find the time to buy ourselves new santa hats I love mine as the pom pom is extended on a a string its so fun.
I had my first star bucks today and couldnt decide which one to have so ended up ordering too mall ones a Chocolate truffle and a white chocolate mocha. Oh and to make it more special Donn and i had massive big choc chip cookies feeled with frosting talk about a sugar fix zzzzzt zzzzzzzzzzzzzzt
We then had to go to Walgreens where i found the greatest doggy santa suit hehehehe poor twister he was very patient with me.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Computer Frustrations

I got home from work yesterday and was on my computer and notice a couple weird little glitches in what it was doing but didn't think much of it then msn wouldn't connect again just assumed that it was a problem with msn I asked my daughter who had been on my computer earlier ion the day if she had changed any settings she promised me she hadn't. So I turned my puter off and went to bed. Turned it on this morning and tried to connect to msn and no go and then my anti virus program was saying it wasnt working so I tried a couple of things ot see if i could fix it ended up uninstalling msn and dl another version but still nada at this point i had to go to work. So I got home from work today and fiddle for another hr and still nothing then windows update tells me there is an issue with the date and time on my computer........... YES my lovely daughter had been planning her Aug 2009 holiday yesterday had managed to change the date on the computer to August 2009 it took me 2 seconds to fix and for everything to be working normally this about after almost 3 hrs of frustration uninstalling and reinstalling programs.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Cancelled My subscription

well probably not the smartest thing I've ever done but I have decided not to go to weight watchers till I come back from Texas really don't want to use it as an excuse to eat badly tho. So I guess we'll see how I go.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

@ the Zoo

Carli and I went to the Zoo this afternoon after dropping the exams off at the University we had some fun at the Otter enclosure taking photos of ourselves in the reflection of the water.

I'm Done

I have finally finished marking all the exam papers was a real struggle towards the end but on the whole this year they were very straight forward to mark.
I am going to go drop the papers off at the University later and may ball in at the Zoo to see if I can see the new baby tiger cubs.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Quote of today

What you get makes a living.
What you give makes a life.

Originally Posted by Fulltime RVer on the Granny thread on DSP

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Wow Marking the TEE exams is such a full on experience marking 176 different students exam papers each paper has 18 questions of varying length answers from 2 lines to 2 pages so in ten days I have to mark a total of 3168 questions. On top of that I also have to go to school and work all day. So from 8-3.30 school then 4-9.30pm marking very day. But it is a great experience and I am totally aware all the time that it's some young persons hopes and dreams that I am impacting on with the results they get and the choices they get to make for their future.
It also helps to make me a better teacher by providing a greater understanding of the extent of knowledge my students need to successfully answer the exam.
It's also well paid so gives a nice bonus payment for christmas.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Great Quote

'To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did.' When God takes something from your grasp, He's not punishing you, but merely opening your hands to receive something better. Concentrate on this sentence... 'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.' Something good will happen to you today; some thing that you have been waiting to hear.'

Random Act of Kindness

Every now and again something wonderful happens that restores your faith in humans and motivates you to be a better person yourself. Recently on my very favourite scrapbooking forum they ran a special crop to raise money for Breast Cancer that when you registered to join the crop and paid your $20 donation your user name in the forum was changed to Pink well this year I simply could not afford to join in and as more and more names changed to pink I was feeling increasingly more embarrassed about not participating to the point I voiced my feelings about it in my favourite thread of all time the Granny Thread and with in the hour I had received many messages of support and one message insisting that I be the guest of one of the very wonderful kind ladies from the Granny thread next thing I know she has paid for me to attend.
I got to join in the wonderful fun and activities of the crop including getting all the wonderful freebies they gave away to the participants. Now this wonderful generous lady asked for nothing other than to remain anonymous so whilst I have privately thanked her no one else is aware of her generosity. I just hope she knows that one day I am going to repay this kindness by doing the exact same thing for someone else. She has inspired me to be a better person so I really feel that I have been truly blessed by the gift she gave me.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Noahs First Christmas

What a beautiful way to start off the joy of Christmas than to see this cheeky happy innocent smile of my little Great nephew. But what makes this even more special is the joy I know that is being felt by his Mummy and Daddy while taking this photo.

Friday, November 07, 2008

I'm tired and feeling a little stir crazy I am feeling emotional not like i can even blame it on hormones. Just end of year blues, stir crazy even I just hate this time of the yr there is always so much going on and everyone seems to be overtly sensitive and emotional. I just wish I felt better about myself and my weight loss instead of feeling like a fat frump and knowing how unpleasant its going to be flying in 6 weeks from now. I dont know I think I am trying to prepare myself for a horrible situation by being really negative about everything. I just wish I knew what I wanted I seem to have lost the ability to dream as I dont know what to dream about.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Inspiring Layouts

woohoo Nicole chose my layout for her blog yeaaaaaaaa

I must admit I was pleased with how this layout turned out.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Layout of the Day Oct

Layout of the Day: Sisters
DSP Member: Sammdc
Products Used:
Tuscan Meadow by Lauren Bavin Word Art is Famous Authors- Oliver Wendell Holmes Created by Tina Chambers

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Layout of the Day

Layout of the day: What you looking at?

DSP Member: Sammdc

Credits: Who's Who In The Zoo Page Kit Created by Meryl Bartho Who's Who In The Zoo Two Page Kit Created by Meryl Bartho

Can't you just see a delighted toddler looking through pages like this in a mini-scrapbook after visiting the zoo?? Thanks for the inspiration!!

Spot Light Member


DSP - How long have you been scrapping?
Member - I started digi scrapping and paper scrapping at the exact same time in February 2006. I wandered by mistake into a paper scrapping store and simply got instantly hooked and seeing as I had been using Paint Shop Pro for like 9 years and had 1000s of digital photos it was like a light switch on in my brain which hasn't gone out since.

DSP - What do you like best about digital scrapbooking?
Member - There are many things I love about Digi scrapping but probably the reasons that really stand out is there is no mess and the undo button. I can make a million mistakes and then hit the undo button and start over. I also love the fact that it has allowed me to make friends all over the world.

DSP - What drew you to this site?
Member - The instant feedback encouragement and friendliness of the DSP designers, moderators and members. I also liked the challenges and the bonuses you get for doing them.

DSP - Do you have a favorite challenge here at DSP?
Member - I wish I had a favourite as that way I might not spend so much money each month doing almost ALL the challenges. Honestly one of my favourite ones would be the Featured Designer Challenge as that gives me the opportunity to go back and use all the beautiful bonus kits that I haven't used.

DSP - What is your most "off the wall" layout?
Member - I have chosen a layout that fills me with intense emotion each time I look at it. This layout is at odds with most of my layouts as it has a very blurred photograph on it.
Blurred Love

DSP - Do you ever experience "scrappers block", and if so how do you overcome it?
Member - I find my inspiration comes from 2 main things firstly from photographs so if I find I am suffering lack of inspiration I will take my camera with me and visit my daughter, friends or go to the Zoo. Secondly I love to do tutorials or scraplifts so I will look for a new tutorial or layout that challenges me to see if I can do it.

DSP - What is your favorite thing to scrap about?
Member - Well I love scrapping about my partner Donn and the great adventures we have together. I also love scrapping my family specially my two beautiful daughters.

DSP - If you were a scrapbook element, what would you be?
Member - I am totally addicted right now to overlays and edges in fact I feel like my layout is naked if I don't put some type of edge or overlay on it.

DSP - What part of the site do you spend the most time in, other than your gallery?
Member - hehehe this is easy I spend way way too much time in the Granny thread ohhh and the store just ask my credit card hehehehe

DSP - What other hobbies or activities do you enjoy other than scrapping?
Member - I love photography, walking, playing on the Nintendo Wii, reading I am always reading something, trying to perfect the art of espresso making, drinking coffee with my friends, and I make regular visits to the Zoo.

DSP - Is there anything else you would like to share with us?
Member - I am a High School Teacher and it's how I define myself I love my work. At my funeral I dont want the main thing to be said about me is that I had a beautifully tidy home but rather that I lived my life to the full with passion, colour, imagination and creativity. heheheh all of this is just my politically correct way of saying that I need to stop talking and go clean my house

Thanks for being our spotlight this month Carolyn! It was great to read more about you! ~Team Digital

Monday, August 11, 2008

Begin Again

So I am so far behind on my blog I am almost embarrassed to continue to use this blog. However thanks to be inspired by Suz's deeper than the date challenge on DSP. I am going to make the effort to update more regularly.

So what an exciting month August is being totally hectic but fun.

The best part is being chosen as Spot light member of the Month on DSP I was thrilled and absolutely delighted when I got the email asking me if i would like to be.

I am also feeling great because I've gotten back into walking again and yesterday went for a great walk around the River with Jen and Carli.

Oh and Jacy has just completed her first day of Jury duty she has be assigned to a 5 day trial armed robbery.

Other great things to happen is the birth of Noah on my birthday that was fantastic and also getting my new lens for my camera also totally awesome.