Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Random Act of Kindness

Every now and again something wonderful happens that restores your faith in humans and motivates you to be a better person yourself. Recently on my very favourite scrapbooking forum they ran a special crop to raise money for Breast Cancer that when you registered to join the crop and paid your $20 donation your user name in the forum was changed to Pink well this year I simply could not afford to join in and as more and more names changed to pink I was feeling increasingly more embarrassed about not participating to the point I voiced my feelings about it in my favourite thread of all time the Granny Thread and with in the hour I had received many messages of support and one message insisting that I be the guest of one of the very wonderful kind ladies from the Granny thread next thing I know she has paid for me to attend.
I got to join in the wonderful fun and activities of the crop including getting all the wonderful freebies they gave away to the participants. Now this wonderful generous lady asked for nothing other than to remain anonymous so whilst I have privately thanked her no one else is aware of her generosity. I just hope she knows that one day I am going to repay this kindness by doing the exact same thing for someone else. She has inspired me to be a better person so I really feel that I have been truly blessed by the gift she gave me.


dagwood said...

would be lovely to have this kindness passing from one person to another over and over again!!!

Mariafer said...

What a great story. I loves those grannies too! I am so glad you got to enjoy in the fun. What a great blog you have up! Will have to keep coming back :)!

Kerr said...

wow Carolyn that is just awesome! Those grannies are lovely ladies arent they?

I must say im ashamed I have never read your blog before but I will visit often now. Its wonderful and it absolutely awesome looking! Great job on a fantastic blog!