Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Wow Marking the TEE exams is such a full on experience marking 176 different students exam papers each paper has 18 questions of varying length answers from 2 lines to 2 pages so in ten days I have to mark a total of 3168 questions. On top of that I also have to go to school and work all day. So from 8-3.30 school then 4-9.30pm marking very day. But it is a great experience and I am totally aware all the time that it's some young persons hopes and dreams that I am impacting on with the results they get and the choices they get to make for their future.
It also helps to make me a better teacher by providing a greater understanding of the extent of knowledge my students need to successfully answer the exam.
It's also well paid so gives a nice bonus payment for christmas.

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