Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Meeting Online Friends

Well Donn and I set off to San Antonio midday Friday 26th in a very nice little red Ford Focus man what a smooth ride. We got hung up in bad traffic due to a major wreck on the Hway going in the opposite direction, everyone on our side was slowing down to look. I did take some awesome sunset photos through the window of the car as we were driving. We arrived at the Alamo Inn just before 6 and we were both delighted with the friendliness of the owner of the motel and the cleaniliness of the room. After we setttled in we headed off down town San Antonio to try out a Mexican restaurant recommended by Karen unfortunately it was so busy all I got to see was the beautiful Nativity set they had at the entrance. By this time we were tired and ready to eat we ended up at the most revolting "Church's chicken place.

Saturday I was so excited as finally I was getting to meet Karen and Scamp, Donn wasnt feeling well and he decided to stay and rest so it was just the three of us ladies off to spend the day together.

We started with the Gunether House and King William Historic Disctrict which was amazing we then went to the Zoo where we were all kindred spirits with our love of photography and trying to get the perfect photo. It really was totally wonderful getting to meet them both something I will treasure for a long time to come.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Alamo Inn

woohoo I am so excited Donn and I have booked our car and motel for San Antonio we leaving on the 26th and returning on the 29th. We are staying at the Alamo Inn (click on title to go to Inn website.)

I am sitting here drinking an eggnog Starbucks coffee yummmmmmmmmm and its freezing out side today like 1 degree celcius brr. Donn an di went to Walmart earlier and was so cold it was hard to breathe. So we called in at Star bucks on the way home and as usual I couldnt decide what to get so I ordered 3 tall coffees instead of 1 venti.
I got a gingerbread latte, a white chocolate mocha and a eggnog.

I also went up the mall earlier and got Mum and Carli a Christmas sweater I hope they like them they very nice and Donn and i liked them both.

I also discovered the public library is like 2 mins away so going to go get some books to read.

Oh and I bought a cheap christmas tree from Kohls yesterday hehehe was a little tardy on foliage when we got it out of the box. I took this photo with Donn's camera.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Vitamin Water

well I've been in Texas jsut over 48 hrs and never felt better almost no jet lag and I put it all down to vitamin water as we almost been on the go non stop since I got here and i really haven't felt tired at all.
It is really wonderful to be with Donn but I am concerned about his health he has lost a great deal of weight since i have seen him last but his legs and stomach are still very swollen with fluid retention. The wound on his leg is still causing him a great deal of pain as well. How ever despite that he is in good spirits and so very happy to have me here. As usual he hadnt managed to organise himself to get everything done like i had asked him to do so i spent the last two day sorting the house and laundry to the way I like it.
We did find the time to buy ourselves new santa hats I love mine as the pom pom is extended on a a string its so fun.
I had my first star bucks today and couldnt decide which one to have so ended up ordering too mall ones a Chocolate truffle and a white chocolate mocha. Oh and to make it more special Donn and i had massive big choc chip cookies feeled with frosting talk about a sugar fix zzzzzt zzzzzzzzzzzzzzt
We then had to go to Walgreens where i found the greatest doggy santa suit hehehehe poor twister he was very patient with me.