Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Alamo Inn

woohoo I am so excited Donn and I have booked our car and motel for San Antonio we leaving on the 26th and returning on the 29th. We are staying at the Alamo Inn (click on title to go to Inn website.)

I am sitting here drinking an eggnog Starbucks coffee yummmmmmmmmm and its freezing out side today like 1 degree celcius brr. Donn an di went to Walmart earlier and was so cold it was hard to breathe. So we called in at Star bucks on the way home and as usual I couldnt decide what to get so I ordered 3 tall coffees instead of 1 venti.
I got a gingerbread latte, a white chocolate mocha and a eggnog.

I also went up the mall earlier and got Mum and Carli a Christmas sweater I hope they like them they very nice and Donn and i liked them both.

I also discovered the public library is like 2 mins away so going to go get some books to read.

Oh and I bought a cheap christmas tree from Kohls yesterday hehehe was a little tardy on foliage when we got it out of the box. I took this photo with Donn's camera.

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