Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Moon

I am determined to take good photographs of the moon we are havign a lunar eclipse on Tuesday so I am going try take some really good photos of it.

Here is my first effort.


Well I am really pleased with myself when my cousin Bobbie Spry Died last month I promised myself I would make more effort to see more of my extended family and today I accepted an invitation to my Uncle Peters Birthday and I am so glad I did as it gave me the opportunity to finally get some photographs of my Aunty Joyce who is such an amazingly elegant old lady and also the Aunty I am named for. Dad lived with Aunty joyce for a while as a young man so when I was born and they needed a second name dad called me Joyce.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

I hate Cars

Why is that Cars are made to be something that you need to be male to get treated with any respect when dealing with them it's like this damn boys club and more so the dumber the male and the smarter the woman it seems more the male with the mechanical know how wants to rip and intelligent woman off. (ok not all just some) Yes you guessed it I am having car problems which is kinda funny because I wasnt having nay car problems untill I allowed my father talk me to getting the timing belt on my wonderful no problems car replaced. This just goes to show if its not broke dont fix it. So I get the timing belt replaced as soon as I start my car up I know its not right but then it takes the mechanic a week to get back to me and then he tells me I need a new alternator/airconditioner blet and pulley symtem on my car as thats whats causing the problem so $147 later thats replaced then again I get in my car and its still not right oh you need a new clutch as well as which point I spat the dummy and got my very tough Brother-in-law to call the manager of the mechanic shop and he the manager then agrees to send out an EXPERIENCED mechanic to checkout my car. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excuse me what the hellwere the other 2 who had been working on my car trained monkeys and in the mean time I've had 10 days of my car not working right too the point its now not drivable till Monday and $536 later my car is parked in the garage and cant be driven. Telling ya I am kind of extremely and I do mean extremely annoyed as I feel I've been right royally screwed simply because of being a woman trying to operate in a mans world, GRRRRRRRRRRRR. So I owe my BIL big time he was wonderful the way he spoke to the manager and demanded they fix it for me and not take advantage of me by telling me i am a woman and my clutch needs repairing when he checked my clutch himself and aint nothing wrong with it. ok ok ok writtena book here but sure feels good to vent.

Template freebies

So this has also been a big month with me hosting my first ever challenges and making template freebies to give away.

First tho the biggest challenge I co hosted with OrangeSue on DSP was called "Scrap your Stuffies" and we had had over 85 layouts completed for the challenge and were given our own gallery which you can see here This was so much fun and I loved commenting on all the layouts and encouraging everyone to get their layouts completed.
From this I hosted a Members Chat where our first topic was "to create a layout based on "this I believe" where the word "BELIEVE" should be a very large title.
Link to template

My second Freebie or Member hosted chat was based on telling the story behind your name so here is the link for the Name Template here

Then the final one for this month was go here then using the template create a layout incorporating your 2 colours using a varitey of DSP products My sample layout

You can download the template here

Catch Up

wow I cant believe I haven't updated for over a month. What a busy month it has been too. Probably one of the major high lights has been my new camera I've really enjoyed gettign to try all the different settings and working out how to use it.

This would be one of my favourite photos its Perth by Night using my new tripod for the first time.