Friday, April 20, 2007

Most Tedious Most Creative

The tedious is easy anything I have to do at a certain time. I hate having to make committments to a certain time so if I have to be somewhere by a specific time I find that very tedious. I hate having time restraints. Also anything to do with house cleaning or cooking I hate it. My most creative is in three areas coming up with a really interesting an motivation lesson for my students on a topic I know they will really get into and then of course my digi scrapping and also paper scrapping I can lose my self in my photo scrapping its like i enter a whole other world, Of memories and love its wonderful.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Favourite Colour

This is actually a hard question for me because I love all colours but if I have to go with the first colour that springs into my mind every time someone asks me what my favourite colour is then it is very much GREEN. I've always loved green maybe growing up in an area with very low rainfall I never got to see much greenery where now I am passionate about the environment and totally love walking through parks and gardens and natural bushland. I have a lot of green in my home too. I also like wearing green so I have lots of green shirts.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Black Friday

Am I superstitious??? thats a tough one as I have had many significant things occur to me or my Family on Friday the 13th.
The first worst one was my Grandmother was diagnosed with Liver Cancver at the age of 51 on a Friday the 13th a Black Day in deed.
I had my first date with my ex husband on Friday 13th February 1981 we had a fabulous night but maybe I should have taken it as an Omen.
Then today yes today I've been given a dream a wish come true at my regular 12 monthly check up with my onacologist (I had cancer 6 yrs ago) he told me he never wanted to see me again hahaha which sounds rude I know but what he was saying is that he didnt need to see me anymore he considers me completely cancer free like as in I can now start to make plans to live to be an old healthy lady with grand childrena nd great grandchildren hahaha ooooooooops which means I better start making plans for my retirement fund for 25 yrs from now. Its liek I've been given back my future my dreams for the future of being around to see my daughters in their wedding dresses. (damn better start saving) hahahaha
so am I superstitious??????????

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Four jobs I've had
I worked on a Brahman Stud Cattle farm helping to prepare the cattle for a Royal Agricultural Show
2. Waitress while i was at University
3. Receptionist
4. School Teacher

Four movies I've watched over and over
1.True Lies
2. Dirty Dancing
3. Shrek
4. South Park the Movie

Four places I've lived
Southern Cross Western Australia
Mukinbudin Western Australia
York Western Australia
Perth Western Australia

Four tv shows I like(d) to watch
Dancing with the Stars

Four places I've been on vacation
Bali Indonesia
Myrtle Beach
San Antonio

Four of my favorite foods
potato chips

Sunday, April 08, 2007

What a Week

Photos of the winning layout I did and the digi scrappy I did showing my winning layout and a photo of the easter cards I made for Mum.

1. Last Saturday we went out to the airport to pick Mum and Dad up they had spent the last 4 weeks in Bali in Indonesia. The second day they arrived Mum slipped and badly hurt her two ankles and shoulders and they ahd really had a tough time with Mum being in so much pain and all. So Sharon Carli and I fully expected Mum to be emotional when she walked through customs in fact we were joking about taking bets with each other that she would be crying. We Did NOT expect what we got which was mum sobbing uncontrollably as she came through customs her suitcase hadn't arrived and it was like the final straw. (Her suitcase still hasn't show up a full week later)

2. MMonday Mum goes to the doctor about her injuries has xrays and one of her ankles is badly broken she has been walking around on a broken ankle for 4 weeks she is rushed to see and Orthapedic surgeon who immediately put it in plaster and states she is not to put any weight at ALL on it for 2 weeks at risk of losing her foot. At this point Mum is totally devastated and hurting in almost every part of her body both physically and mentally. Which means between the family we are all going to have to take turns to help her so Dad took the remainder of the week off work to take care of her tho by now he has totally run out of patience with her emotional state and is seemingly being less than sympathetic and Mum is really not coping. Sharon is going to take over for a few days this week and then I am on school holidays so I will look after her for the next week and then hopefully the bone will have started to knit together so she can put a heel on her plaster.

3. Donn is refusing to send me any photographs of himself as he has lost so much weight and doesn't like how he is looking which worries me tremendously but he is finally getting regular Doctors appointments. But this is something I just dont seem to be able to mentally come to terms with everytime I start to try and make some sense out of where this leaves me and Donn it's like my brain shuts down as it's just too painful to contemplate losing Donn. I love him so much and I still can't accept that he is so sick that things will never be the same again (as I said can't write about this yet as its jsut such a jumble in my mind)

Then the highlight of the whole week just when I think life is just so full of shit I get a wonderful reminder that its NOT.

I won yes I won the Monthly Scrapping competition at Scrapbooks for the Heart the local scrapbooking store. I had no faith that I would win when I submitted my layout the other ones just looked so superior I literally did not think I had a hope but I was kind of ok with it as I totally loved my layout. So to get a call saying I had won was like the universe/God really wanted to remind me that no matter how hard life seems at time there is always a reason to have faith and believe something wonderful is about to happen. So Thanks God your timing was perfect.

So yesterday I went collected my $50 worth of free products (the prize) and made my Mum a paper scrappy Easter card.