Sunday, December 21, 2008

Vitamin Water

well I've been in Texas jsut over 48 hrs and never felt better almost no jet lag and I put it all down to vitamin water as we almost been on the go non stop since I got here and i really haven't felt tired at all.
It is really wonderful to be with Donn but I am concerned about his health he has lost a great deal of weight since i have seen him last but his legs and stomach are still very swollen with fluid retention. The wound on his leg is still causing him a great deal of pain as well. How ever despite that he is in good spirits and so very happy to have me here. As usual he hadnt managed to organise himself to get everything done like i had asked him to do so i spent the last two day sorting the house and laundry to the way I like it.
We did find the time to buy ourselves new santa hats I love mine as the pom pom is extended on a a string its so fun.
I had my first star bucks today and couldnt decide which one to have so ended up ordering too mall ones a Chocolate truffle and a white chocolate mocha. Oh and to make it more special Donn and i had massive big choc chip cookies feeled with frosting talk about a sugar fix zzzzzt zzzzzzzzzzzzzzt
We then had to go to Walgreens where i found the greatest doggy santa suit hehehehe poor twister he was very patient with me.

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