Monday, August 11, 2008

Begin Again

So I am so far behind on my blog I am almost embarrassed to continue to use this blog. However thanks to be inspired by Suz's deeper than the date challenge on DSP. I am going to make the effort to update more regularly.

So what an exciting month August is being totally hectic but fun.

The best part is being chosen as Spot light member of the Month on DSP I was thrilled and absolutely delighted when I got the email asking me if i would like to be.

I am also feeling great because I've gotten back into walking again and yesterday went for a great walk around the River with Jen and Carli.

Oh and Jacy has just completed her first day of Jury duty she has be assigned to a 5 day trial armed robbery.

Other great things to happen is the birth of Noah on my birthday that was fantastic and also getting my new lens for my camera also totally awesome.


glynis said...

A lot has happened since we saw you last! Congrats on being the spotlight of the month and everything else!

Tammy said...

Glad to see you post and congrats on the spotlight. Hope to see you more often.