Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Which is worse?

Which is worse, being sick or having sick kids/loved ones? As a woman I think it's worse being sick because generally no one really looks after you whereas if your partner or kids are sick you spoil them rotten.

Which is worse, throwing up or having sick kids/loved ones throwing up upon you? Definietly being sick and throwing up yourself.

Which is worse, being up all night because you're sick, or being up all night because someone else is sick? Being up all night because your sick is much worse as not only are you tired but you feel like crap too.


Tink said...

You hit the nail on the head with the first answer. Sometimes I think Pan fakes being sick when I am because he knows I will wait on him hand and foot no matter what.

Karen said...

Well I have difficulty dealing with other people throwing up. It always makes me start to heave too. But my daughter and i doo a support thing when one of us is sick and provide a comforting arm and hold te hair out of harms way. Of course that's a tad difficult now she lives in Sydney and I live in Melbourne.