Thursday, January 29, 2009

About GooSe

I just wanted to added a link here to the wonderful supportive threads on the forum Donn aka GooSe called home on the web .
Frugals World of Simulations Donn loved this forum and spent many many hours since 2000 chatting on line and doing on line gaming with them. I joined the mostly male forum myself in 2001 and was rapibly embraced into the circle of friendship by all the guys and Donn and I spent many hrs playing online games with the guys all chatting over team speak and laughing at each others accents. Donn then also set up an internet radio station and many nights entertained us with his humour and music on the TeXas radio station. There love and support at this time has been so wonderful there words of wisdom and comfort really giving my heart a gentle hug... Thanks guys....
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