Thursday, January 08, 2009

Fantastic Day

We just had the best day.... started out with going to Fort Worth Zoo and the weather was perfect.
Donn cheated tho as due to his legs he decided to get one of the motorised carts to get around on was so funny he was a speed demon had me running all over the Zoo but it had a basket on it so was perfect for all our camera equipment and my bag and our drinks.
We used the tripod to snap a few kissy pics of us sun was way too bright but *wink* Donn really enjoyed them.
The animals were all enjoying the sun too and we got some wonderful shots of them really pleased with how they turned out.
Then on the way home around 2.30 we had a late lunch early dinner at Red Lobster I had a 1.5 pounds of snow crab legs with hot melted butter and the best herb biscuits and baked potato ever

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Shawn aka. Dixie Mama said...

Caro, I am tickled pink that you are having such a wonderful time with Donn in Texas! I had to laugh at that photo of him heading into the 'more wild animals' area! Perfect place for him, eh? ;)

I have the recipe for those biscuits if you want it, so you can make them back in Oz whenever you want to relive your time spent with your sweetie! <3