Sunday, January 04, 2009

New Makeup

So I had a $20 voucher to spend at Kohls and Donn's wallet with the instruction from Donn to go buy myself something for a change I walked around the store for an hour not being able to decide what to buy when I ended up in the makeup section............well another hr later I now have
  • Flirt! Look of Love Shimmer eye Pencil x 2 I got the black sequin and gold sequin
  • Flirt! Dreamy eyes golden lady eye shadow
  • Flirt! Pretty Easy Foundation
  • Flirt! High Wattage Intense & Creamy Lip colour Covet

So I came straight home and put it all on and Donn snapped a pic for me...


Shawn aka. Dixie Mama said...

What a beautiful natural look, Caro!! Isn't it HARD to shop for ourselves? You look absolutely radiant!

Joan said...

looks lovely - always hard tho buy for yourself isn't it.Look forward to seeing you with it all on in Feb.