Thursday, March 19, 2009

tired but peaceful

I've had a kind of special day today I received notification last night I had a large parcel to pick up from the airport from Donn's sister so this morning bright and early I went and collected it... part of this was having to get it processed by customs at a cost of $50 so I was attended to by this wonderful kind older man who asked me what I do I told him I was a teacher so then he asked me where to cut along story short I teach with a very dear friend of his so then I ended up telling him my life history and he waivered the $50 fee it truly made me feel so good.
So I put the extra large box in the back of the car and played very loud music all Donn's favourite on the way to the car wash I know some times I am a little crazy but I needed to clean the car and I think I just wanted too prolong the sheer pleasure of having the parcel without dealing with the emotion after I opened it. So finally my car is all spotless inside and out so I make my way home carry the box in and put it in the middle of the large coffee table in the lounge room.
Inside apart from Donn's numerous cameras and lens but minus the battery charger for his DSLR camera were his most prized possessions...
His watch that I bought him and has engraved on the back "Donn + Carolyn = Love 3.10.00 (his birthday) he wore that watch ALL the time he loved it.
His Zippo lighter with the Australian flag on it and all the dates I had arrived in Texas engraved on it.
My gold "C ring that I got for my 21st off my mum and dad that Donn had been wearing on his pinky finger since 1997.
A silver coin with a rose carved in one side and "Love is patient and kind... it always protects, trusts, and hopes...Love never fails. Cor 3:24 engraved on the other side Donn carried that coin with him all the time in his pocket with his loose change.
and then finally something I thought had been lost at the hospital but his sister had found in the clothes dryer when Donn died she took his clothes home and washed them and his chain and medallion must have been put in the pocket it was a miracle. It's a St Christopher Medallion which is also engraved that I gave him for his birthday in 1998.
So it has been an extremely emotional day one of a million happy memories of times of seeing and sharing these gifts with Donn. Like the silver medallion used to nestle in his hairy chest and I used to love playing with it when we were laying in bed together until he would grab my hand and tell me to quit it as it was bugging him hehehehehhe
Oh one final thing I talked to Donn's sister this morning and she has also now mailed me Donn's flag so I should be getting that soon too.
So for now I have some mental peace I cried a lot of tears today and I am emotionally drained but I also feel calm and a sense of things being where they should be and where Donn would want them to be. I feel now even more that he is here with me.


Elisabeth said...

This entry made me smile instead of cry. What a range of emotions you have been through but at the end of it you are in a better place for having done so. I'm so glad the flag is on the way, and I'm sure she will find the charger at some point.

Liz McCoy said...

what an amazing post. I have no clue really what you're going through but your ability to share so freely really touches my heart. Having the flag what a blessing that will be.