Sunday, March 29, 2009

Be my friend

You ask me how I'm feeling
but do you really want to know?
The moment I try telling you
You say you have to go

How can I tell you,
what it's been like for me
I am haunted, I am broken
By things that you don't see

You ask me how I'm holding up,
but do you really care?
The second I try to speak my heart;
You start squirming in your chair.

Everyone avoids me now,
because they don't know what to say
They tell me I'll be there for you,
then turn and walk away.

Call me if you need me,
that's what everybody said,
But how can I call you and scream
into the phone,
My God, my soul mate is dead?

No one will let me
say the words I need to say
Why does a person's grief
scare everyone away?

I am tired of pretending
as my heart pounds in my chest,
I say things to make you comfortable
but my soul finds no rest.

How can I tell you things
that are too sad to be told,
of the helplessness of hearing him struggle to breathe
knowing he was scared and in pain.

You cannot imagine
what is was like for me that day
to place a final kiss upon that cheek,
and have to turn and walk away.

If you really love me,
and I believe you do,
if you really want to help me,
here is what I need from you.

Sit down beside me,
reach out and take my hand,
Say "My friend, I've come to listen,
I want to understand."

Just hold my hand and listen
that's all you need to do,
And if by chance I shed a tear,
it's alright if you do too.

I swear that I'll remember
till the day I'm very old,
the friend who sat and held my hand
and let me bare my soul.

~Author Unknown


janetklm said...

hug hug hug hug hug hug

Not much else that I can do from such a distance, but you're in my thoughts!

Liz McCoy said...


Beachcomber said...


Joan said...

Hugs from me also - I wish I lived a little closer

Elisabeth said...

I wish I could be there for you. I am tearful after reading that for sure. I like to check in here and "listen" to you and I know others do too. I'm glad you post how you are really feeling, or close to, and not just "what we want to hear". Of course we all want "to hear" that you are doing better, because we care about you, but we know that it will be a long time before the sharp pains become a dull aching thud. I don't think anyone expects an "I'm fine" post, not now, not ever, maybe, not really. But in any case you are on no one's timetable save your own.
What I would like to see though, and keep meaning to ask you - is - if you have scrapped a layout about meeting Donn? I would like to read "the story" from the beginning sometime.

Elisabeth said...

Oh - and by the way - your house is too clean. Not that I'm jealous or anything.