Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Not an Ordinary Day

So La Trice said at the Military service yesterday "as I have John's flag, (her husband Donn's father)Carolyn will have Donn's flag". My Sweetie D's ashes were interned with a military service yesterday at the Fort Worth Dallas National Cemetery and tho I could not be there in person I was very much there in my thoughts and heart. I am also very very grateful to Rick and Carol who attended the funeral and Carol for taking photographs for me. It means more to me that words can describe that Donn's mother wants me to have Donn's flag for me its the acknowledgment of the deep love and commitment that Donn and I shared. A love that La Trice got to see and share with us on many occasions throughout the 11 yrs. So I had to mark this day by doing something special it could NOT be just another day. So I wanted to do things that I knew Donn would love too and things that would make me feel more connected to him. So I started my day with a Trip to the Ocean as it is standing in the waters of the Indian Ocean that I can feel most connected to all parts of the World . Plus one of the happiest adventures Donn and I shared was swimming in the Atlantic Ocean at Myrtle Beach South Carolina.
From walking along the beach sharing my memories of Donn with my good friend Pam we then drove into Fremantle. Donn loved the stories and photos I sent him of our historic wharf city. We walked around the fishing boat wharf and ended up eating lunch at Joe's Fish Shack. I had the chilli mussles one of my favourite things to eat that Donn always thought was funny. Also one of our most favourite places to eat was at Red Lobster where we would have all you can eat crab legs.
Then on the way home from Fremantle we stopped in and picked up my new computer and I came home and set it up. Some thing else that normally I would be asking Donn a million questions about and wanting him to find programs and bits and pieces for me.

So this was NOT an ordinary day it was the kind of day that Donn and I would have loved. A day where the feeling of missing him etched just that much deeper into my heart.


Liz McCoy said...

well I know I always just send hugs but here is another one. and what a blessing to see pictures and be there in thoughts and prayers.

Beachcomber said...

Thinking of you and sending you lots of hugs.

There is a blog award for you on my blog.

Elisabeth said...

I like how you spent your day - doing things that you would have enjoyed together had he come to your home town, and calling it "not an ordinary day". I know you'll keep pulling up all those associations and memories; may they comfort you every day.
Sounds like the service went well and I'm glad his family has so much love for you too.