Monday, February 16, 2009

Just really miss my D

Each day is just so long I miss D so much it's just so unbearable I go through the motions of doing what I have always done. But today after school I did what I have done for so long checked my mobile phone for text msgs as every day D would send me 2 or 3 msgs during the day that because of being so busy at work I normally didn't get to read them till I was sitting in the car at the end of the day. Just sweet silly msgs just meant to make me smile even the Base Ball scores for our loved Texas Rangers.. Or even jsut one word we had so many of our own words which were really our way of saying I love you . Lots of these words started as the way I would say them would make Donn laugh so he would copy my accent. Over 11 yrs we had created our own love language.
I just dont know how I will ever stop missing him... He is my best friend the love of my life.

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Beachcomber said...

(((hugs))) I feel your pain.