Thursday, February 05, 2009

Just when I needed it

I got this most beautiful msg from one of my wonderful online friends from DSP it's like she looked into my heart and mind and knew exactly the fears that were there.

[QUOTE=sherryva]Hi Carolyn-
I thought about you this morning and wondered how you are doing, although I am sure I know the answer.

I know there is alot of fuss in the beginning, a fog like state, and people swirling about offering comfort and such- and you wonder how time can suddenly move so slowly. All to quickly, it seems life goes back to normal "for everyone else." People will unknowingly adopt the "it's time to move on" attitude which has far more to do with their sense of discomfort at feeling so helpless to help you, than anything else- follow your own timetable of grieving.

You will have good days and bad- no question- but in the future if you feel that overwhelming sense of lonliness- and the urge to talk about him-relieve the memories etc keep his memories alive- just know there are people out here for you that will be happy to listen, laugh, cry, and help you through, me included.

I promise you, the same memories that are so painful now, will bring you GREAT comfort and peace in the future, just hang in there, one day at a time, and know out of sight doesn't mean out of mind- we are all still thinking of you- and if you need something-be sure to let us know!


and my reply to her
Sherry there are no words to say thankyou for this message as its exactly how I am feeling while everyone around me is encouraging me to get back to my "normal life" I am thinking I do not have a NORMAL anymore nothing in my life is normal right now.
Your understanding of just how I do feel makes me feel so much better I think I am terrified of everyone thinking I'll be back to my normal self in a day or two.
Anyways your message was perfect and timing spot on as its almost 6am Thursday morning here and later today is Donns memorial service and I am in some ways looking forward to being able to share all my wonderful stories of Donn and I with so many ppl but part of me is saying NO very loudly as I dont want to have to accept that my best friend in the whole world is gone and he is not coming back.



Joan said...

Thanks for sharing your feelings.

The Lundys said...

oh wow, she's awesome. i know we definitely feel helpless. (((hugs)))