Monday, February 09, 2009

Not great but ok

Well had my first day back at school today and it was just ok was very hard for me to concentrate and focus and was hard work smiling and pretending I was ok where really being there was no more of a distraction than being busy at home. Just so many things make me think of my D I just miss him so very much.

But I do think he is working his magic for me Jacy got the promotion at JB today one she has been waiting on forever.

I also got 4 more cards in the mail today which was nice but I am just so tired and more than anything I want to talk to D just like I always would.


Liz McCoy said...

Still praying for you. Sorry I don't have the right words to say. justs sending HUGS!

Elisabeth said...

I'm glad it went alright - I didn't know you were going back so soon, but if it helps distract then that's good, I guess. But "normal" - no, I know, it's not.

Congrats to Jacy and to your friend who got pregnant that was trying. Your post in the GT about the "pulling strings" made me smile.