Thursday, February 12, 2009

Still be gone

I've just spent 20 minutes sobbing on the phone to my Mum I had a terrible night sleep last night thinking about how I really want to go to Donn's military memorial service on Monday the 23rd of Feb and arguing with myself about the pros and cons of going. The cost the distance the grief the fact it wont change anything he will still be gone. So I know I cant go but I just miss him and I want to get my things from his house and go through our things and not have to rely on other ppl to do it and then have to wait for them to mail it too me.


Joan said...

Hang in there Carolyn - just take it day by day. Have a big hug from me.

Elisabeth said...

Do you suppose they could arrange to put you on speakerphone for at least part of the service or would that be too difficult for you emotionally? I know you really want to be there with the others who will be honoring him. They will be thinking of you too I'm sure.

Liz McCoy said...

i have no idea what to say I just want to send you HUGS HUGS HUGS!!!