Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hey D guess what?

So my computer finally refused to turn on this morning and it just over whelmed me as it seemed jsut another loss of connection to you. So much of whats was on my computer was us. The games we played together the many emails msgs and graphics we had shared so many experiences so much love so much laughter. While I have backed up most of it I am sure there is things I've missed and I hate the thought of losing one single thing we had shared. One single smile we had made for each other. Over the last two weeks looking through all the folders on my computers I've found graphics songs notes all sent by me you us all so filled with love and joy. Anyway I went down to the computer store after work and I am taking delievery of a brand new one on Monday haahahah you know how i get when I have computer issues like a bear with a sore tooth. I sure am going to miss having you to help me set it all up.

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