Monday, February 19, 2007

Wants Vrs Needs

10 things I want but dont need.

1. scrapbooking kits (hehehe)
2. a new digital SLR camera
3. a new car
4. a new gold chain to hang my heart bead on
5. new computer
6. new printer
7. new shoes
8. new dining room set
9. new clothes
10. new plasma wide screen tv


loonyhiker said...

I should have thought about the new camera. Now I want one of those too along with the scrapping kits!

Maggie said...

well, I had a new lens for my camera - hehehehe. great list!

glynis said...

Love the list!

Laura said...

I so want a new SLR digital camera too. I have my eyes on that Canon Rebel. And we can never have too many scrapbooking kits. I think I collect more than I scrap.

Karen said...

How can you not 'need' new shoes Samm? Every girl needs new shoes!