Sunday, February 11, 2007


The story of Hannah is that I have watched her grow from the day she was born without having ever met her. Her Mother Sheree is a friend and work colleague of my oldest daughter Carli. It all began with Sheree emailing photos of Hannah to Carli right after she was born and of course I had heard Carli talk about Sheree and Sheree's pregnancy so when the baby was finally born I was very interested to look at the photos oh and of course share them with Donn. Well needless to say we both fell in love with Hannah and her happy cute little face and every week Sheree would send Carli more and more photos till finally I started emailing Sheree direct and we discovered we shared a love of Scrapbooking and with Sherees permission I started using Hannahs photos tro scrap with. Sheree would add little descriptions of what Hannah was up too when she would email the photos. So here we are Hannah willbe 2 in August I am yet to give her a hug but Donn and I love her like she is our very own grand child and the laughs and smiles we have gotten from looking at her photos and following her development are simply too numerous to ever keep track of.


Tink said...

Beautiful, beautiful layout. Such a cutie and just looks like she needs to be hugged.

Paula May said...

What a beautiful LO! And a great story to go along with it! :)