Saturday, February 10, 2007

Not to be forgotten

My sister thinking Carli would want to share a room with her cousin Amy for 12 days in Bali.......
I have to find out what planet she lives on because its not the same one as Carli and I hehehehhe it was great for Carli and my relationship tho as we both agreed strongly about the stupidity of the idea.
How wonderful my friend Pam is coming down and putting the colour in my hair and holding me tight while I was crying out my pain and concern about Donn.
My Dad who has mown my lawn for me forever always with out payment and always makes sure to give me a kiss good bye and let me know how much he loves me.
Jacy who at 20 I miss a great deal because she so busy with her friends , her music and her work it's so hard not to try and make her feel guilty simply so I get to see more of her.
My special Mum who I wish I got to spend more time with as well she always looks so beautiful her hair so lovely and today with her red shoes and matching red shirt.

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Tink said...

What a great list of "not to be forgottens." We should all do one at least once a week.