Sunday, February 18, 2007

Catch Up

wow what a busy week I had last week witht he big increase in class sizes in the Yr 10s thank goodness I had two student teachers Rosalind and Dianne to help me with it they were truly fabulous. Then going over to Sharons to help her pack, shopping with Mum to help her get a new top and a new shirt for Dad for the wedding yesterday. Then also trying to squeeze in some exercise. And most importantly make time to talk to Donn.

Yesterday Carli convinced me to do the rotate class at her gym with her - 45 mins non stop cycling heheh needless to say I willbe standing up A LOT.

Oh I also got a new Nokia phone yesterday finally get rid of that ugly one.

Also on Friday we confirmed our flights for Bali Dec 23rd I have such mixed emotions about that not even sure I want to go when it really means not seeing or being with Donn for christmas I am just not sure whether my family has any idea how very difficult that is going to be for me.

Yesterday working on a very quick layout based on it being shabby chic (not sure I did that) but I did get motivated to take a photograph of one of my most prized possessions I own . A piece of art work I bought just after my divorce I've always loved it as it always reminds me about having the right attitude towards life.

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loonyhiker said...

Now I'm curious as to why you are going to Bali and why Donn isn't going too? Are you going with people? I have never been to Bali and would love to go because it sounds so exotic! Of course I'm watching South Pacific (the musical) right now and hearing the song Bali Hai.