Friday, January 12, 2007

Stopping Time

In response to the question posed at DSP.

"If you could freeze time for less than an hour, and you’d be the only living thing that’s “alive” in that moment:
What would you do?
Why you wouldn’t be able to do it if everything were normal and the time weren’t frozen?"

Like everyone I think Money would solve a lot of the issues in my life right now as well as issues for many of the ppl I love. My parents are retiring this yr after both working their entire lives and I know they are both very concerned about how they will manage financially so I think I would like to figure out away of making some money. Be good to figure out a way to do it honestly or in a way that wouldn't create any difficulties for anyone else like maybe being able to be at a Lotto draw and make it so my lotto numbers are the ones that are in the slots.


Paula May said...

Money definetly is an issue right now for a lot of people, I know it is for me too.

Karen said...

But given that the world will 'restart' again at the endof the hour, it's hard to find something that will not have consequences.

Laura said...

What a great idea. Mine was similiar to yours but hey winning the lottery is always a great dream.