Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Am I a Nerd

This is the blogging prompt for today or more to your point what is your nerdiest moment. I think mine would be that I now have friends who invite me over for a coffee then suddenly rememeber while I am there that they having some problem with their computer and ask me to look at it and 2 hours later I have basically formatted their computers changed all their settings and or cleaned out their temp internet folder defraged and they look at me as if I am some sort of alien hehehehehe.To be honest it has gotten kind of old and now I try to get them to visit me in my home or go out somewhere as it is really not fun to have to fix up poorly maintained computers.

On a better note here is my latest layout I love how this worked out.

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Tink said...

Boy do I know what you are talking about in a round about way. Friends call and then casually mention that they have problems with their computer and can they speak with Pan. But on a bright note for you, at least they don't just drop in with their computer which is what a friend of mine did a while back.