Sunday, April 19, 2009

Miss my Music Man

I've been doing so good and now today I am back to just missing my D I miss the joy the giggles the laugh the music right now I feel like I am just going through the motions of living. I know I will be ok but life is not about being ok its about having Adventures. I know its just being on holidays has caught up with me as normally I would be spending extra time online chatting to Donn enjoying being able to hang out with him without having to rush to work and all last week I kept myself busy but then yesterday I ran out of things I wanted to do and decided to update my music folder well of course I cant listen to music without missing Donn and revisiting a million memories which are attached to all our/ my music. He was my music man he was the person who sent me songs and got me listening to all types of music. I have so many songs he sang for me and sound files of his voice recordings of little msgs he did for me and hearing his voice and listening to him laugh and I just miss him all he ever wanted was to make me laugh. Nothing made us happier than to know we made the other smile and laugh. We would tell each other so many many time " you make me laugh more than anyone ever has" .

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Elisabeth said...

A sad post but you made me smile through a couple of tears with the comments about laughing. You have so many wonderful memories and I'm so glad you share them as you go through this with us.