Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Donald and Daisy

Who would have thought that deciding to clean out my wardrobes would reduce me to floods of tears but every piece of my clothing has a memory of Donn attached too it makes it extremely hard to throw things away BUT I did as it is just too depressing having two walk in robes full of clothes that I dont wear anymore because they dont fit me. I kept a few of my very favourite Donn and I shirts ones I am wearing in some of my favourite photos of the two of us. As for them not fitting me well I have put so much weight on since arriving in Texas in Dec last yr that I almost dont recognise myself...... well its time to stop eating and get exercising in stead and when i lose weight well I will go get myself a couple of new outfits. One of the shirts I simply couldnt part with is my Donald and daisy shirt Donn loved this shirt it was one of those fun impulse buys and I remember New Years day 2006 when all the other ladies during the day were all in Harley Black type T_shirts there was I in my pale blue Disney shirt and Donn just loved it.hehehe Donn always loved me looking girly he thought woman should look like woman kind of a bit ole fashion in some ways I guess but he sure made me feel so beautiful.

We were a bit naughty we often would take our photo while driving in the car put the timer on then stick the camera on the dash board some days we would have jsut like one of us in it or cut the tops of our heads off and all sorts of silly shots.

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Elisabeth said...

Oh I love the car picture - what fun! Yes, you were bad.