Monday, June 04, 2007


GooSe says:
you aint added to your blog since April 19th

well here I am adding too my blog after Donn pointed out to me that I hadnt updated it since April 19th. Really I can't belive I haven't updated as so much has been going on. The most wonderful exciting thing is on 16th of May I booked and confirmed my trip to Texas on September 28th for 2 weeks and I feel like a new woman now I have a definite date of when I am getting to see Donn again. It's just more wonderful than words can say. The other really exciting part of that is I am going a very different route from my usual way. I am going via japan and I get to spend 5 hrs there so I am hoping to get out of the airport and go for a little tour and take some awesome photographs.

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