Tuesday, June 05, 2007

God Speed Luke

It's kind of weird how you can meet some one and immediately feel a connection to them. Well there is jsut something about Luke that affected me. Perhaps because he has today sailed out on the HMAS ANZAC in the Australian Navy to the Persian Gulf for the next 6 months. He met Carli just over a week ago and was immediately smittened by her and since then they saw each other almost every day and part of that time I got to talk to him about his role in the Navy and his family. I was so impressed with him he was so well spoken and mature. I mean if he likes my daughter it kind of means he is a very smart young man. However a part of me wishes I didnt get too meet him as even after just a short time if something was to happen to him I would be deeply effected by it. So God Speed Luke and stay safe.


loonyhiker said...

I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers too! I'm sure he is as glad to know you and your daughter as you were to know him!

Joan said...

Makes you proud to be an aussie doesnt it when you see such wonderful young people going overseas to uphold our Freedom and way of life.