Sunday, June 24, 2007


S specific I want to lose 15 kilos

M Measurable well the scales will give me the results

A achievable it's definitely doable if I stick to the plan.

R realistic very I've done it before and know i can do it again

T time before sept 29th.

I am determined to lose weight I dont want to be worrying about being uncomfortable on the plane and I dont want to not fit into my clothes or feel tired and lacking in energy all the time. I want to be fit healthy and not feel self conscious about how I look. So today was the first day and so far so good I have a little bit of a headache which I put down to coffee with drawals.
Going to keep myself busy and not think about food. I am also going to use my Gym membership and get too the gym at least 4 times a week and walk at least once a week.

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Karen said...

Good on you Samm. You sound very determined and with that kind of focus you will definitely achieve your goal.