Thursday, June 11, 2009

Altered Life

So how am I doing hmmmmm not sure I want to think too much about that question. I wish there was concrete proof of what happens after you die. I know different people believe different things. For 45 yrs I've been taught as a Catholic that when you die you go to heaven where you get to be reunited with all your love ones. Well sounds nice and I sure truly want to believe that is the case because the thought of never getting to be with Donn again is simply more than I can bear. Which then makes me also question the concept of angels it makes me feel so wonderful to think of Donn as my special angel who is always with me but how do I know if it really is true or just something we tell ourselves to make the grief just a little easier.
Is it possible as occured in the Ghost Whisperer for one persons spirit to enter into another person is there a chance for Donn to come back to me albeit in another form? Then there is Donn's sister going to see a lady who claims to be able to talk to the recent departed on Saturday and she is convinced this woman can give messages from the dead. All of this sure making me feel a little crazy. I know it is all normal to go through this as more than anything I cant bear to think that all Donn and i will ever get to have is the 11 years we did I need to believe he is with me and we will be together for the whole of eternity.

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Elisabeth said...

You know we all have the same questions, but just when we feel our "downdest" - something will happen to let us know that somehow our loved ones really are with us - like you with the bra episode, or in my case something I really want to know or find I'll have some kind of inexplicable help with. I certainly can't rule out that someone is watching over me. It happens too often to be coincidence. You still feel Donn's love and that is what is most important. Yes, your life is altered, but your love never will be.
All my hugs to you -