Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mixed Emotions

I am just really struggling to believe that it is almost 1 year since Donn passed away this time last year we were together and complaining about all the hype on the tv about the inauguration of Obama which is interestingly the day Donn ended up in hospital. So we were sitting in the ER watching the ceremony on the TV sat there half the night through the balls and all. At one point Donn turned to me and looked me right in the eyes and said I am really scared C. It broke my heart as I was so scared too but I had to sit there and make out it was all going to be ok while inside I felt like my whole world was about to tumble down around me. But even then I still wasn't thinking that Donn was about to die I wish I had known so we could have said all the things we wanted too not that I think it would have made any difference as I would still now and every day want more than anything to just talk to him. On the 30th of Jan it will be one year so my art journal is going to be a mixed bag of emotions over the next 2 week.


Joan said...

Knowing what you have been through during the last 12 months - I find this a really powerful LO.

Kelly777 said...

I just lost a loved one about 7 months ago and my life is still full of good and bad days. I also do artwork to release my emotions. I love your electronic scrap booking. I did not know this even existed until I seen your site. Did you do this with a special program or are these photographs? Maybe you mentioned how you did it and I missed it. Being creative has kept me moving forward. Sorry for your loss. Kelly

Ashley said...

Thank you for sharing. I just ran across your blog as an accident. I'm so thankful I did. Not only is it eye-catching but I can relate to you. I lost my husband march 2010, while I was pregnant with our first baby.

I have wanted to start a scrapbook and I think you just inspired me! I think the digital scrapbook idea is amazing.

I have a blog too, you might relate. Check if you'd like.