Thursday, November 26, 2009


I was looking for a photo on a old CD and came across this text file that I had put together on the 14.2.98 to send to Donn and some how on Thanksgiving it seems like a msg from Donn on how very lucky we were to have found each other.

"When i think of how much you mean to me
i stop to count my blessings..
i feel you in my heart,in my soul and in my mind..
and i wonder how i got so fortunate
to have met someone as wonderful as you..
but yet im not able to hold you, touch you or kiss you.
When i look at your face
even from a picture
i cant help but wonder what it would be like
having you as mine...
To love, to touch, to caress
and to look for you at the end of each day...
wanting to please you in every way...
makes the waiting worth while..
waiting all my life for you to come my way
made this journey worth all the pain...
I love you more with each passing day..
you emcompass my heart and envelope my soul..
your my first thoughts in the morning
and my last thoughts at night as i lay my head to sleep..
My heart and soul are yours for the taking when i can be yours...
so baby just know my feelings are deep and strong
and wanting us to be together as we belong..

So what a combination a Texan and a Aussie.....How did it
happened....specially when New2Mirc is not a pickup channel..
or so us OPs in there pride ourselves on telling newbies....
It was the first channel I entered as a newbie knowing nothing about
about Mirc.....and who offered to teach me but a very sexy Texan "Mongoose"
well what hope did I have?? I received beautiful Yellow Texas Roses....
wav files of a gorgeous Texas Drawl....Well nearly 8 months later and
3 weeks spent in Texas on the most romantic adventure of my life....
I've found my Soul Mate...
Later this year The Texan is moving to Australia!!!!!
So stay tuned for the sequel to the most romantic love
adventure since Superman gave up his powers for Lois Lane.

Donn you are my first thought in the last thought before I dreams both day and night.... and my thoughts in encompass my heart and soul...and you give me reason to go are my love and my life and i cherish every moment with you...from now until the end of time...I love you baby."

Happy Thanksgiving sweetheart as for me I will always be truly grateful that I got to spend 12 wonderful years with you.

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Elisabeth said...

What great memories - and those you never lose, you always and forever have them, in your heart, in your head, all around you, pulling you tightly in for an embrace and a smile.