Sunday, October 28, 2007

Empty Nest

so who do you talk too when all you feel like doing is crying? Who would have known that your 25 yr old daughter moving out into her own home would make you feel so empty and alone in side. It's such a weirdest combination of emotions I am so very proud of her and all she has achieved buying her own apartment and being so happy for her but have an empty bedroom in my home hurts more than I would have imagined. The whole house seems bigger and more lonely and I am just not ready emotionally to deal with this as I really didn't think I would feel this way. I just want it to be everything she has dreamt it would be. I am just going to miss her tremendously as much as we may have not always seen eye to eye she was some one I could talk too and just have the knowledge that I wasn't alone. I just hate the silence that I feel and it's a silence inside my heart so no tv or external noise can feel the silence.

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