Thursday, April 12, 2007

Four jobs I've had
I worked on a Brahman Stud Cattle farm helping to prepare the cattle for a Royal Agricultural Show
2. Waitress while i was at University
3. Receptionist
4. School Teacher

Four movies I've watched over and over
1.True Lies
2. Dirty Dancing
3. Shrek
4. South Park the Movie

Four places I've lived
Southern Cross Western Australia
Mukinbudin Western Australia
York Western Australia
Perth Western Australia

Four tv shows I like(d) to watch
Dancing with the Stars

Four places I've been on vacation
Bali Indonesia
Myrtle Beach
San Antonio

Four of my favorite foods
potato chips


heather said...

A Brahman cattle stud! What a variety of jobs you've had :)

glynis said...

A world traveller!! And you have a great list of favorite foods!

Tammy said...

Ok, now the more blogs I read, the creepier this is getting. The same shows, movies and food keep coming up!!

Michelle said...

ok, i definitely want to vacation with you! and we can eat our snacks together...great list!

loonyhiker said...

Yup, the cattle farm intrigued me! I can't imagine that! And I've never been to Australia but I'm so glad you came to my state of SC!

beachcomber said...

Great list. What interesting jobs you have had. LOL We all have some of the same items on our lists. I like the same foods.